I was eating a spinach salad today and I all of a sudden had a sudden realization: My children may grow up without Popeye.

At first this realization seemed trivial but then I started asking myself exactly how large a role did he play in my life? I mean the frequency that reruns are shown on the cartoon network is decreasing. He instilled many culinary prejudices, and imbued in me a true understanding of sailor life. The former naturally coming from his strong aversion to spinach. But still he acknowledges the necessity of possibly foul foods for health purposes. It is from Popeye that I learned the balance of healthy an possibly unpalatable foods, and tasty but unhealthy foods.

Then there is the entirety of the sailor stereotype. I derived pretty much any knowledge of sailors from Popeye. He also demonstrated all the noble aspects of humanity: valiance, strength, and nobility; While his antitheses Bluto, and Wimpy emphasized immoral characteristics: envy, wrath, pride; and sloth and gluttony respectively.

Although I have never been a thorough moralist, it is important that children find a convenient moral guide that is easy for them to understand, and relate to. Naturally young children don't have the capacity to create moral philosophies on their own, so I wonder will there be a Popeye for my children?

I am no stickler for morality, just a deluded romanticist, and as such, I like nostalgia, and naturally I wish for my prospective children to experience the same joys that I did.

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