Two roller coasters have used the name Wild Maus, obviously taking the moniker because they were wild mouse-type rides.

The first, a wooden wild mouse, opened at Pontchartrain Beach in New Orleans in 1958. It operated until the mid-1970s, when it was replaced by a flat ride known as Magic Rainbow.

The second is a steel version located at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. Built by Mack GmbH & Company, it opened in 1996 with the name "Wild Izzy" in honor of the Olympics of that year. The name was changed to Wild Maus in 1997. The purple track is 1,217 feet in length and 46 feet high on yellow supports. The ride reaches a top speed of 22mph and takes ninety seconds. There are seven separate cars, and each can hold four riders under the individual lap bar restraints. (It seems not even BGW knows how they spell the name of this ride. It appears on their website as both Wild Maus and Wilde Maus, but most unofficial websites call it Wild Maus.)


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