Wild FM is an Australian (Sydney) radio station which used to play real good techno tunes in the good old days. Right now I have sadly migrated to Britain to become a pommie bastard -- So I don't know how they are going.

I do however know that they played out on a trial radio frequency (89.7 fm -- Would you believe there was already a nodeshell there?), and were gathering signatures on a petition in order to get a permanent radio licence. Last I heard they had some huge amount of votes, and were rumoured to be coming back in a few months...

I hope they got their permanent station -- their music was the best I've ever heard on Australian radio (and dont get me started on the quality of radio here in pommie land)

Unfortuately, Wild FM doesn't broadcast any more - their temporary licence expired. I haven't heard anything about them resurfacing and have been off air for over 6 months now. Have also released a series of CD's (imaginatively name Wild 1 thru 10). However the quality of these releases seems to be going downhill rapidly.

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