A little giblet of enlightenment from The Egyptian Book of the Dead:

I am an old man travelling amid strange cities and faces. I've prayed in temples from the plains to the delta. In Hermopolis, beneath the crumbling feet of a statue, I found this heart of stone, encircled in bronze, ringed all in silver, made of lapis lazuli. It was inscribed in iron by the god in the god's own hand before the dawn of history, and it was this book wherein lay the law that is. It was the secret name of god. And I lay the stone heart upon my own that I might memorize it, that its words might be etched into my being. Great is the nothingness, the all that is. I am a being of light.

We learn from the gods because they know what all children know. Proper communion with gods should be wordless because all true revelation will seem like common sense unraveling before you, something that you have always known.

Each god has an area of knowledge, or for monotheistic religions the God simply holds all knowledge. At any rate, these beings are simply thoughtforms by which one can access all universal knowledge. Gods do not impart new data upon a believer, they simply bring forth an order in the brain that makes the truth of all universal knowledge clear.

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