Why does toast land butter side down?

Imagine sitting at the breakfast table. You have your tea and your slice of buttered toast. You reach for the newspaper, and soon as you turn back you knock the toast off the table. If this has ever happened to you, chances are that the slice of toast has landed butter side down.

The reason for this is mainly down to the height of the table. When the toast is knocked off the side of the table it rotates as it falls under gravity and since the average table height is about 80cm, this only allows a short amount of time before the slice of toast hits the ground, and so the toast only has time to rotate half way. This therefore means that it lands buttered side down (assuming it was buttered side up to begin with).

There are three main ways that we can get round this problem ...

1) We can make the table taller which will give the toast more time to do a full rotation before it hits the ground. This could pose a problem though as the height of the table will be so high that you’ll be sitting with your head in the ceiling since the table height will need to be about 1.5 metres.

2) Reduce the face area of the slice of toast so that it spins faster to achieve the full rotation.

3) Simply have the toast butter side down on the plate to begin with.

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