I remember my mother telling me Susan you’re lucky to be a black girl since you’ll age more gracefully than white girls. Look at me and your grandmum! Doesn’t your grand mum look younger than most of your white friends mothers? I looked, and she was right. Black women do tend to have fewer wrinkles and cosmetic signs of aging than white women (even though we on average die 7 years younger) however, there are sensible explanations for this. First of all, most black women maintain a higher body fat percentage (well in the USA) than white women (if you look at older women from Somalia or any other African nation where there is not enough food, or where women simply don’t eat as well as Americans you’ll find that the elderly black women are just as wrinkled as elderly Scottish folk.) Secondly, the melanin in the skin prevents sunburn (but NOT skin cancer, dammit!) sunburn just leads to an eruption of wrinkles. Lastly, the higher fat diet that many African Americans eat leads to more oily skin, the oil keeps the skin moisturized and taut preventing sagging.

If you are very pale and fear wrinkles eat fried chicken and use sun screen and you’ll do just fine.

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