On a recent node published by Montag, a question was asked which took me by surprise. So close was this multiple-part question to my heart that I couldn't resist answering it in the way that I understand the answer to be. I sincerely hope that this node will not be seen as a challenge to Montag's answer, but only as the opinion/belief of another fellow noder. I have the utmost respect for Montag (even though I really don't know him, but I have read some of his material), and the author of the question(s). E2 is a place where thoughts can be expressed through the art of writing, and the object should be the writing, not so much the content. I look at this web-nation, however, and see unique characters and fascinating models. I only wish to add to this portrait of diversity, in whatever miniscule way that may be. And so, we go on to the questions!

“If God created everything (see Genesis, Chap. I), why did he create problems for himself by creating a serpent who would lead his creations astray?” God did not create problems for Himself. The serpent, as far as I can tell from reading the text, was not the perpetrator per se, but rather the tool which the enemy of God, Satan, used to accomplish his mission. God gave His creations (including Lucifer, who became Satan) free will, because true love is done out of free will, not out of imposed predisposition. Lucifer chose, out of his own free will, to rebel against his Creator, just as did Adam and Eve.

“Why did God create a tree he did not want Adam and Eve to know about, and then go out of his way to warn them against it?” Scripture does not specify that God did not want Adam and Eve to know about the tree. If that were the case, He would have simply concealed it from them without saying a word. But since He did tell them about it, and warned them against eating from it, that tells me He did want them to know. I personally believe that this was a test of their love for Him, much like we humans sometimes test each other to see if our loved ones, or whatnot, are genuine and/or sincere in their relations to us. More so, I believe that this was a choice of leadership presented to them by God. Meaning: He had given them free will, and so they could choose who they would follow. Do they choose to follow Him Who created them to be their ruler/judge, or do they choose to be their own gods (“god” in Hebrew means ruler and/or judge)? We know what they chose. Satan knew this choice was there, and chose to exploit it.

“If God had not wanted Adam and Eve to taste the fruit of the forbidden tree, why didn't he warn the serpent?" The serpent became a tool, in my opinion. There is the possibility that the “serpent” was simply the form which Satan adapted to himself to perform his task of deception.

“Could God have prevented the serpent from tempting Adam and Eve? If yes, why didn't he? If no, discuss the possibility the serpent was as powerful as God." He could’ve prevented the serpent from being utilized by the enemy, and so have prevented the enemy from committing this particular act against Him. However, that would violate the gift of free will which He gave to everyone. God does not force me to come to Him, nor does He force me to go rape an ape. We all make our decisions.

Inclined to rebel, we think it an act of dictatorship that God gave man "commandments," but in motive it is to benefit us and give us health. His commandments are much like the speed limit; the speed limit can be irritating to us, and may sometimes be seen as a governmental constraint on the people, but its for our safety. I've seen people bash on cops, for instance, but scream for them to come when they need their protection. Such is the nature of man. This may all be just "jibber-jabber" to many, and most likely is, but these are things that I hold dear, and felt inclined to share here. In conclusion, I would only like to say, whether you believe in the Invisible Cloud Father (as known by many) or not, God bless you all, E2ers!

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