Aaah: Handmade Dance Music

"Who needs Love" is Incognito's 10th studio album in 22 years, and it feels as if time hasn't changed Bluey, the core of this project, a lot. Although the band-lineup has changed beyond recognition, the sound has stayed the same. In any case, Incognito was never really about a fixed set of artists anyway, as it was more about the family of musicians orbiting around the genius that is Bluey. This album features a new collection of vocal talent, but the harmonies stay jazzy and soulful, dominated by skilled black female voices.

As usual, the songs are made up of a thick layer of percussion and funky bass supporting funky seventies strings and Bluey's pulsating rhythm guitar. Various top-notch instrumentalists add jazzy soli, most beautifully so Matt Bianco's Andy Ross with his brillant flute solo on the first single, Morning Sun, which incidentally is also the highlight of the album.

There's few drumloops or sequenced bits on the record, so if you're interested in a uplifting, hand crafted acid jazz record with sparking vocal harmonies, this is your CD.


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