Judaism has a song similar to The Twelve Days of Christmas that is sung towards the end of the Seder meal on the first night (first two nights outside of Israel) of Pesach (Passover).

It goes up from 1 to 13, with each verse counting down... I'll just put the last one in here!

Who knows thirteen?
I know thirteen!

13 are the principles (of Jewish faith written by Maimonides)
12 are the tribes (the sons of Jacob)
11 are the stars (that bowed down to Joseph in his dream)
10 are the commandments
9 are the months until birth
8 are the days until Brit milah (circumcision of Jewish boys)
7 are the days of the week
6 are the orders of the Mishnah (part of the Oral law]
5 are the books of the Torah
4 are the mothers (Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel and Leah)
3 are the fathers (Abraham, Isaac and Jacob)
2 are the tablets of stone (brought down by Moses from Mount Sinai)
1 is G-D who is in the heavens and the earth

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