Ok, let's get the record straight. Varg Vikernes (Count Grishnackh to us folks) killed Euronymous, the singer of the band Mayhem. Now, you gotta understand something about Mayhem: these guys were evil. Not like, Motley Crue evil or even Eminem evil - these guys were Satanists to a man, and I don't mean like, prickin' yer finger D&D evil, either. I mean, Church-burning, death-obsessed murderers. Yeah.

So, anyway - a bit of background. Euronymous formed the Black Metal Circle, which operated from his record shop in Oslo, the charmingly titled Hell. Ok - Corpse paint (Think lots and lots of Halloween makeup), goofy names, Satanist paraphernalia, Swastikas, the whole nine yards - everything about these guys screams "Pretentious geeks playing dress-up." But they were dead serious. Basically, Euronymous wanted to expel Christianity from Norway, revive the ancient Pagan practices, and cause Norway to resemble Hell (as though it didn't already, ha ha) as closely as possible - and his Inner Circle was more than happy to cooperate. So, in order to do that, they'd burn candles, have big parties, you know - the regular. Mutilate themselves, fire guns, and go out and desecrate graveyards, knocking over tombstones, spray painting graves, and burning churches. Saturday night on the town.

So, enough churches get burned, and our pal Euro starts getting himself quite a reputation. And now, you see, his band mate (for an album, at least) Grishnackh gets a little jealous. So, what, he figures, can he do to increase his own reputation than murder the head of the whole group? So, Vikarnes loads himself up with weapons - knives, an axe, a baseball bat - and sets out for Euronymous's house. He also brings a copy of the band contract, as an excuse for the visit. He gets to the house, rings the doorbell - Euronymous answers, in his underwear. They get into a fight, start arguing loudly. Perhaps they come to blows, perhaps not. All that we know is that Vikarnes assaulted Euronymous, and Euronymous fled - so Count Grishnackh (same guy, remember) stabbed him, 23 times. Vikernes left, but in his haste left the blood-stained contract. He was soon arrested, and sentenced to 21 years in Norwegian prison - the maximum sentence for murder and arson.

Incidentally, from prison Vikernes claims he no longer wants to be associated with the Black Metal Scene - now, he says, he's a neo-Nazi. A pagan one. In fact, he hates Satanism too, because it's too "Hebrew" for him. Oh well, those crazy Norwegians...

Straight from the source:

Codepie says re Who Killed Euronymous?: actually it was 21 stabs and he was killed outside an apartment in my back yard complex when I was in the third grade or so, heh :)

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