From: The Thorough Good Cook

Poultry: 30. White Fricasseed Chicken or Rabbit

Take your chicken or rabbit, skin it, and cut it into small pieces; place them in warm water to draw out the blood, and then lay them in a clean cloth to dry. Put them into a stew-pan with milk and water, stew them till they are tender. Then take a clean pan, put in half a pint of cream and a quarter of a pound of butter; stir it together till the butter is melted-you must be sure to keep it stirring all the time, or it will be greasy. Then with a fork take the chicken or rabbit out of the stew-pan, and put it into a saucepan with the butter and cream. Have ready a little mace, dried and beaten fine, a very little nutmeg, a few mushrooms; shake all together for a minute or two, and dish up. Lamb and veal may be done in the same way.

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