The White Buffalo Gazette is a zine published by several different people. Originally founded by Ed Bolman as the City Limits Gazette a few years ago, it was later edited by the late Maximum Traffic, Jeff Zenick, and presently, Larned Justin. In a somewhat GPL fashion, anyone can put out an issue of the White Buffalo Gazette by accepting submissions from the usual contributors and then publishing them. Sometimes, two different editors will be putting out issues simultaneously.

The White Buffalo features a lot of work by somewhat established underground cartoonists, many of whom were at one time or another working artists. Many of the contributors have work with a definite psychedelic slant. The Gazette is about 50-100 pages long, and circulates mostly among its contributors, of which there usually around a few hundred.

While much of the artwork is of a professional quality, the editors are not totally adverse to printing stick figure drawings and poetry about bad relationships by total amateurs.

At least 6 pages in each issue are usually taken up with the letter column, where various people go on about their current doings and opionins. Sometimes, these also involve flame wars and trolls.

So, to put it in other terms, it could be said that the White Buffalo Gazette is the zine world's equivalent of or

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