You silly boy.

I know you find me beautiful.

I know you think i'm intelligent, witty and charming.

I know you think im interesting and complex.

I know that you see just how fragile i can be.

I know you want to know everything about me, to kiss the parts that hurt better.

I know you hate that other boys are competing with you for my attention, but resent them for it, not me.

I know that if I let you, you would take care of me.

I know that if I let you, you would fall in love with me.

You dont know that all this makes me embarrassed for you.

And I cant be with someone who embarrasses me.

You dont know that the idea of being anyones 'girl' makes me feel sick.

"Everyone, this is Tom's girlfriend".

You dont know that I hate you a little bit.

I wont lose my identity to a starry-eyed little boy.

See how you were wrong about me being all sweet and kind?

But maybe I'll prove you right;

Show me your strength.

Show me your integrity.

Show me who you are, instead of telling me how wonderful I am.

Show me you want me, not just the idea of perfect love.

If you do that, then maybe you can show me when you want me, how you want me.

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