Did you find him? Did you catch the scene where the fat man strolls across the lobby, or struggles to contain an unruly child? Alfred Hitchcock, director of suspense movies, had an odd habit of making a single brief cameo appearance in many of his movies. He never spoke, didn't contribute to the story, and was often just a nameless face in the crowd.

Alfred's first appearance in films wasn't planned. While filming one of his earlier films (The Lodger), he decided to fill out a crowd scene by stepping in himself. Later, as it became a habit, and his fans began watching for him, he was forced to appear early in the movie, so the audience wouldn't be distracted from the story while watching for his appearance. Seldom did he appear more than once in a film, and as time went on, his manner of appearance would become more creative and hard to spot. In his last movie he appeared only as a shadow, and in one movie he is shown in a photo of a class reunion.

When interviewed in 1966, Alfred Hitchcock had this to say about his cameos:
"I always give a little thought to my appearances and come on as early as possible-- don't want to hold them in suspense for the wrong reason! I've been in all my films on and off. Missed a few. Only cancelled one. It got into the press ahead of time... I was going to walk along with a girl and talk to her-- in deaf-and-dumb language. My hands would be working very fast. And she turns around and slaps my face."


No, I didn't find all these myself. Despite being an avid Hitchcock fan, I've only spotted ol' Al five or six times on my own. I found most of this information at http://members.liwest.at/holzner/. If you'd rather learn about the scene that Alfred can be found in, rather than the timing of his appearance in the film, this site: http://nextdch.mty.itesm.mx/~plopezg/Kaplan/cam/cameos2.html has some good information.

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