A booklet of poetry by letta simone-nefertari neely. 1996, Lunar Offensive Publications.


  • Me, Growing Up
  • first day, Indianapolis, IN
  • Daddy
  • Mapleton Fall Creek Neighborhood
  • Rain Poem at 3am
  • when we were mud
  • Cocaine grab-ded me
  • Mostly We Merge
  • Rhonda, Age 15 Emergency Room
  • Today I am alone in our house
  • Nine Pictures
  • Sonnet for the Ogoni People's Struggle
  • full moon

I bought When We Were Mud at the 1997 Waterloo Poetry Festival, where I also acquired The Collected Poems of Robert Creeley and Oh Fractal Day! by Edmund Conti. All three have been priceless to me ever since, for various reasons, but this little booklet most inspires me as an artist and challenges me as a human being. "Rhonda, Age 15 Emergency Room" was also a starkly affecting experience to my relatively sheltered 17 year old self.

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