Created by demian.5, When I Am King was a very unique online comic about a king who is pursuing a dream across his kingdom, and the trouble he gets into. The story has recently (July 2001) come to an end. The comic was created using only a computer, and the design is very simple but unique. There is also no actual text dialogue between the characters. Despite that this may seem like a detriment to some comic readers, the sixty-three installments of the comic are very interesting to look through.

This noder recommends that anyone looking for some simple humor, or just an interesting way to spend an hour, should check out this comic (so long as you don't mind adult topics like public nudity, penis envy, and slutty camels). Please read at least the first whole chapter if you want to give this comic a real chance, as it can seem very strange when you first come upon some of the strips.

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