When I am an old woman I will self proclaim that I am wise and help others learn. I will hold family get togethers where I surprise them with treasure hunts, speak in riddles and play practical jokes on the grandchildren, nieces and nephews. I will hold my husbands hand and kiss him lightly on the forehead everyday. I will have a rocking chair and a garden that attracts insects & birds that I will use for my quiet time. I will hang fabric on ceilings with wind chimes. I will wear an antique ring and perfume thats describes who I am. I will be patient enough to complete crossword puzzles. I will forget to put my dentures in and chase the ice-cream van very slowly down the road in my pyjamas. I will fart in silent rooms and blame it on somebody I love. I will still be anxious ole me around new people. I will try to like peas. I will watch friends leave and be happy with the times we had spent together. And if I said that I promise I wont miss one piece of you, I lied.

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