Wickedly amusing webcomic by Jeffrey Rowland. The cast is composed of shallow and embittered newscaster Zoe Day, her "video clerk by choice" roommate Gina Jackson, the intelligent and childish Neal Wyckoff and his slacker roomate Roger Debenedittis. Helmet the lurking shadowy figure and his talking Donkey play the recurring villian/hero roles. The plot lines usually revolve around either WIGU-17, Zoe's place of work, or various bizzarities of the four friends. The art's a clean cartoonish style, but it's the humor that makes it worth reading. Witty, absurd and absolutely without morals. So far, plot lines have involved a car fueled by anger, Neal's unhealthy obsession with Ricky Martin, the boys' encounter with the Son of God posing as a hobo, and evil genetic experiments creating half-human/half-bear warriors. But it's an absurdity that works well together. Unfortunately, the strip ended September 17, 2000 with a number of shocking endings for the crew. Neal Wyckoff and Donkey can be found in Jeffrey Rowland's next creation, Project Thingy.

The strip's archives may be read at www.whenigrowup.net

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