So I'm reading the newspaper one day in early October, and there's this article about the busybody principal at one of the elementary schools who's encouraging the kids at her school to celebrate Halloween early, before October 31. The reason? October 31 is a School Night. We don't want our innocent children staying up late on a School Night, do we?


Listen. Anyone who shows up at my house on any day other than October 31st wanting me to give them candy is gonna get told to take a hike. Halloween is on the 31st day of October -- not the 30th or the 29th, and not on November 1st or 2nd. I live by three unbreakable rules: "No costume, no candy", "No Halloween, no candy", and "Busybody principals burn in hell".

Yes, i *do* know people whose parents used this logic and reasoning when we were little. (mine tried, failed.) And still, on our block we get a herd of little ones through on saturdays, weeks where the 31st is sunday. exaggerated? maybe a little. still the true reason? yes.

An interesting twist on this one isn't that sunday is a *school* night but that it's *SUNDAY*. If it were the "school night" issue, kids would celebrate halloween once every 7 years or so. They go on monday, tuesday, etc; those are schoolnights. what's the difference?

Simply that Sunday is a "good" day, the day we all go to church and sing happy jesus songs and be good little boys and girls.

But Halloween is *Evil and Bad* (TM) because it involves ghosts and witches and devils and all-such. So you can't *possibly* celebrate halloween (much *less* samhain ^_^) on Jesus-day, that's Bad and Wrong and Evil and Not Right!

So it's alright to celebrate an "evil" holiday... except on Sunday? i *just don't get it*. If you have moral convictions against it in the first place, why *ever* do it. If you don't really have that kind of "issues" with it, what difference does it make that it's sunday? ye gods... people confuse me sometimes.
Well, Wuukiee,
Being a child who was brought up in such a home, maybe I can answer your question (and probably create a few more, I shouldn't wonder).
In my family, it had nothing to do with Halloween being an "evil" holiday. It had to do with Sunday being a special day. LOTS of things weren't done on Sunday, not because they were evil, but specifically to make Sunday special.

A few examples:

No chores were done on Sunday.
We didn't play with friends on Sunday (Sunday was family day).
We didn't watch television, or go out to movies or stuff on Sunday.

The point of all of this was that Sunday was The Lord's Day, and it should be dedicated to Him. If we simply did all the stuff we might do on any other day, how was it then different from any other day?
Just as an aside, if Christmas came on a Sunday, we didn't go to Christmas parties on that day, either. It had nothing to do with Halloween being an "evil" holiday. At least in my house.

Another aside, not to be misconstrued as justification:
One can perhaps relate this type of attitude to that of the Jewish people in the time of the New Testament (and possibly extremely othodox Jews today?). There were very specific laws about what one could and could not do on the Sabbath. Many of them dealt with things that were not considered evil in general, but were simply unacceptable on the Sabbath.

When God said "Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy," I don't think He meant "take a day off from work to go fishing or watch football once a week."

Footnote: This shouldn't be construed to sound like I'm preaching here, or trying to convince you to all live this way, it's simply meant as an explanation for behavior that some find inexplicable.

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