1984 single by The Smiths, the song also appeared on their self-titled debut album. Originally released as Rough Trade 146 in 7" and 12" formats. The 7" includes the song Back To The Old House as a b-side, the 12" includes that track as well as These Things Take Time. One of the better tracks of the Smiths' early works, the song is a story about a person coming out to their best friend and being met with rejection.

There are three versions of the original single in each format. The first features a photo of Terrance Stamp holding a large bag of heroin taken from the film The Collector. There is no text on the front cover. Not long after the single was released it was discovered that Stamp was somewhat disturbed that his image had been used (though use of the image had been cleared through the studio). The cover was reshot with Morrissey standing in for Stamp, holding a large glass of milk. This is the most rare version of the single and is the only Smiths record with a photo of Morrissey on the cover (though Morrissey's appearance on the cover of nearly every one of the singles of his solo career makes this slightly less special). Shortly after that, Stamp gave his blessing to the original cover, and the most common issue of the single features the original shot, but with the words "The Smiths" added in the upper right corner of the sleeve.

Lyrics (from the sleeve, omits one verse):

All men have secrets and here is mine so let it be known
We have been through hell and high tide, I can surely rely on you
And yet you start to recoil, heavy words are so lightly thrown
But still I'd leap in front of a flying bullet for you

(chorus) So what difference does it make?
What difference does it make?
It makes none
But you have gone
And you must be feeling very old tonight

Oh the devil will find work for idle hands to do
I stole and then I lied, and why? Because you asked me to
But now you make me feel so ashamed because I've only got two hands
Well I'm still fond of you

So what difference does it make?
What difference does it make?
It makes none
But you have gone
And your predjudice won't keep you warm tonight

But no more apologies
No, no more apologies
I'm too tired
I'm so very tired
And I'm feeling very sick and ill today

But I'm still fond of you

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