There are various myths out there about the feeding habits of sharks concerning humans, and as a result some wildly untrue "facts" have surfaced, including the following.

A) Sharks don't kill humans because they only take a small nibble before deciding we aren't good to eat.

B) Sharks don't eat red meat.

I'm sure there are plenty of others, but these are the most frightening, so let's address them.

Sharks do indeed kill humans, but it's true they don't eat us. This first myth is somewhat rooted in the truth, sharks tend to taste before they eat, however, they don't "nibble" they grab and rip because they can't chew. However this action often causes massive and often fatal lacerations if it doesn't remove a limb, which in turn puts blood in the water and invites more sharks in for a taste.

Next is the myth that they don't eat red meat. This doesn’t really matter anyway because human meat is white, like pork. Then let's take a look at our favorite shark to pick on, the Great White. Great white sharks eat seals and other aquatic mammals, mostly, I have personally tried seal meat and can tell you that it is rich, savory, and dark red.

Sharks are primal animals, they began millions of years ago and have evolved only a little during that time, so they must be doing something right. Let's please allow these apex predators their due and not spread crazy rumors about them.


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