Every year, Westinghouse sponsors 13 science lectures to be held at their site in Churchill. This series of lecture occurs between October and February. The topics include material science, electronics, computer science, genetics, life science, nuclear engineering, and many other topics. Westinghouse manages to bring in college professors from around the area, Westinghouse alumni that have moved on to other jobs, and high level government workers.

After the 13 lectures, the students in the program can take a voluntary exam. The top two scores receive an internship for 8 weeks at Westinghouse. The top ten scores receive a PALM pilot.

I was able to attend the series of lectures, but I placed around 20 something on the exam. The lectures provided me with a wealth of information and a background in many fields of science and engineering. I would recommend any student interested in science to apply to the Westinghouse Science Honors Institute.

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