The West Coast Pop is a springboard cradle huracanrana and the finishing maneuver of pro-wrestler Rey Mysterio. Like the 619, the West Coast Pop derives its name from Rey’s west coast roots, and the fact that it is greeted with a gigantic face pop whenever it is performed. This flashy move has a great deal of high-flyin’, physics defyin’ style, which is befitting for a luchador such as Rey.

Starting from the ring apron, The West Coast Pop requires Rey’s opponent to be upright (preferably stunned), and facing him from the ring. Thus, it is usually performed directly after the 619, which can believably produce such a set up. The double whammy of receiving the West Coast Pop directly after the 619 is usually enough to end the match in Rey’s favor, especially since it ends in a pinning predicament. However, many a clever opponent has reversed the move into a powerbomb. The impressive visual of the West Coast Pop, combined with this potential for disaster on Rey’s part, makes it an incredibly entertaining finisher.

Here is how the West Coast Pop is done:

  1. While standing on the ring apron, grab the top rope and jump straight up
  2. Land on the top rope, let go with your hands, and bounce into the ring towards your opponent.
  3. Land on your opponents shoulders, with your legs on either side of his/her head.
  4. Without releasing your legs, quickly drop your upper body down. Height difference permitting, put your shoulders in-between your opponent’s legs.
  5. As you are doing this, your opponent should flip forward onto his/her back.
  6. Grab your opponents legs from behind you (If you we’re able to put your shoulders past your opponent’s legs, this is unnecessary as they will have been trapped by your arms during your somersault.)
  7. You should currently be sitting on your opponent’s chest. This means that your opponent’s shoulders are being pinned, and should remain so for a 3 count.
  8. Have your arm raised in victory by the referee.

Don’t let my use of the second person fool you; this move should not be attempted by anyone other than professionals. Rey’s head comes a few inches from the ground during a high-speed flip every time he performs the West Coast Pop …your mileage may vary.

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