Weird Twitter is a loose and informal descriptor for a loose and informal group of Twitter accounts that post humorous tweets. It is very hard to describe, and I am doubtful that there is any actual definition that could reliably determine if any given account is "really" Weird Twitter.

"*record scratch* *freeze frame*

You're probably wondering how I ended up streaming video from a vinyl record"


Key components of weird tweets are that they are humorous, they make jokes using odd formats, often involve socially awkward or inappropriate situations, frequent puns, and/or surreal shower thoughts. But everyone has a slightly different list, many of which do not match mine much at all.

"Satan: And these are our pillars of tortured souls.

Me: Isn't that a bit much?

S: Well theyre load bearing pillars so its a necessary evil"

-- penjamin@upsidedowntrash

Weird Twitter is kind of almost sort of credited as an invention of Jon Hendren whose account, @fart, was and is a bit weird. He started his account in March 2008, but it wasn't until March 2012 that the term Weird Twitter was actually used by user @regisl (in the tweet "DESTROY NON-WEIRD TWITTER"). Since then, hundreds of accounts have drifted into the Weird Twitter aesthetic, whatever that might be.

"upon further inspection, the reports of mark twain's death are accurate."
-- brendle@brendlewhat

Increasingly, the classic Weird Twitter accounts are becoming politicized, or mired in in-jokes, or simply become so much themselves that they don't quite fit the label of Weird Twitter. That's okay, though, there are always, always, always more where they came from.

"[first day as 911 operator]
ME: 911 what's your- your- *looks over to boss*
BOSS: emergency
ME: hey, gotta go we have an emergency here"
-- rob elliott@rockymomax

Weird Twitter and Weird Sun Twitter are different things, and only peripherally related, at best.

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