Some Twitter accounts are different. Weirder. Sunnier. More meta.

"Welcome to Weird Sun Inc. Combinatorically exhausting the space of possible Insights™ since 2014."
Argument Of Function ‏@ArgumentOfFun

The Weird Suns are fallout from the rationality community, which is generally centered on the website LessWrong, but disporising quickly. They sometimes identify as post-rational, but usually don't bother to identify as anything.

"The AI doesn't hate you nor does it love you. The AI is over you, perfectly happy without you, probably seeing someone new already. It hurts"
Body of Air ‏@BodyOfAir

How do you tell if you are a Weird Sun? Well, Weird Suns usually have a colorized picture of a sun as their user pic, are named in the form of "X of Y", and say things that dog whistle rationality and/or pseudo-intellectualism, probably ironically.

"Of course, most people who escape Plato's Cave merely trade it for Plato's Blinding Sunlight, and see only silhouettes instead of shadows."
Bearer of Message ‏@BearerOfMessage

Wierd Suns like noun phrases, puns, modified poetry and song lyrics, and bouncing slight variations of the same meme back and forth for eternity. So, basically, the same stuff as the rest of Twitter, but with more sentence fragments.

"The thoughts your current mind only thinks in order to be re-elected as your next mind."
Voice Of Chorus ‏@VoiceOfChorus

There is long-running speculation that there may be only one superintelligent AI running all 150+ accounts, most likely the same unit that maintains the Scott Alexander persona. This is of course crazy, and you should not ponder such things.

"Turing test sets a low bar. Kipling test: an AI should be able to dream—and not make dreams its master; think—but not make thoughts its aim;"
Chamber Of Heart ‏@ChamberOf_Heart

Silliness aside, and it rarely is, this is a fairly intelligent group of people making sarcastic comments on all kinds of things, but without dealing directly with mindkillers like politics and current events. It's a refreshing change, especially during an election year.

"How fortunate that the deepest mysteries of sacred geometry are all contained in high school math and not in, like, differential topology."
Curl Of Gradient ‏@CurlOfGradient

While there are a number of entry points into the Weird Galaxy, the most well-trimmed list is probably Grognor's list. A much more chaotic portal can be found at the Sun Twitter list, although be warned, this is sometimes flooded by Sun-adjacent retweets and Sun Bots.

"I am a game. To play me is simple. Pretend you are the universal consciousness. You win when you actually are."
I Of Legion ‏@IOfLegion

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