When a little kid asks you the weight of the world, you could go into a very long and boring speech about how a planet's weight can't be measured because weight depends on gravitational pull - the weight of something on Mercury (a teeny planet with a teeny gravitaional pull) is much much lighter than the weight of something on Jupiter (a monster planet with a monster gravitaional pull). You can say that it is much more proper to measure a planet's mass, which is a constant (that means it mever changes, kid) and refers to how much stuff (or atoms) an object is made of. In the end you will think you are very cool for remembering all the junk from science class and the kid will be either asleep or marking in their little mental notebook never to ask you anything ever again.


You can say: 6 sextillion, 588 quintillion tons. For added style, don't even look up from whatever you are doing.

thats how you be Science cool. werd.
hehe sextillion!

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