This weekend I was at the beach. Is not so far from where I live (about 4 hours, It could be worst). I went with 4 good friends in order to forget the work and get fun. But, I also had a second reason. A special girl, one of my friends.
I don't know why, but I expect that the weekend should be wonderful. I would like to live in a romance. But things don't occurs as one expect.
Yolanda is a black-haired girl, with a pretty face. But also a girl to talk with. I met her in my job, she talked me about her boyfriend, and what mades them break. I will not say that I fall in love, but I feel something special about her.
I didn't said nothing to let her know my feelings. I was afraid (allways I am). So the weekend passed and I am wondering how we would ended.

Nevertheless, I tried to get fun, and I do

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