In far northern California there is a town called Weed. It isn't much to speak of.. jut a little town, which happens to be in one of the pot-growing capitals of the world. Nearby there is a state college, I'm not sure which one. For aesthetics sake, we will say it is Humboldt, one of the pot consumption capitals of the world. There is a road between the two, and somewhere along the way there is another road that T's into it. At this point, there is a sign. It reads 'Weed' with an arrow pointing one way, and 'College' with an arrow pointing the other way. Needless to say, this is one of the most frequently stolen signs in the world, and a few college students can claim to have one. After a while, the state got sick of replacing the sign and changed the words to 'City of Weed' and 'State College'. I'm sure it still gets stolen frequently, though. Something like that is a pretty nice wall decoration.

A ways south, in Big Bear, there is also a similar sign with dueling arrows. They read 'Skiing' and 'Hospital'. Not quite as good.. but pretty funny nonetheless.

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