People who can't take the heat OR get out of the kitchen.

Waaaaaah, mommy. It's 45 degrees outside and it's raining. It's so cold I have to wear a sweater.

Waaaaaaaah, mommy. It's 85 degrees outside and the sun is shining. I have to take off my sweater.

See also: Oregonians.

---------------- pukesick hey, im noweather pussy, im gonna kick your ass ----------------

Psssst: pukesick is a BIG weather pussy, no matter what he tells you.

Some favor the winter pussy because of its tendency toward tightness. I have always found that owners of the winter pussy can be too moody and do not make good life partners.

The fall pussy is the one with the rust-colored shades. It is often bashful and afraid to show itself with the lights on.

The spring pussy is way too unpredictable. It will jump out at you at the most inconvenient times. Of course, what the spring pussy lacks in experience, it will often make up for in enthusiasm.

But, for me, give me the summer pussy. It is forgiving and accepting. It knows how to relax as well as give a thoughtful representation of itself when cornered.

DisneyWorld specifically is a haven for these. Actually, as someone who presently hails from Seattle, I found my experience in Florida to be really funny. Despite the fact that there was a thunderstorm/rainstorm everyday, people still ran for cover. Of course, these were the same people who were complaining about the heat ten minutes previously. Being from Seattle, a little rain did not bother me, and in fact, I used storms as the fastest way to get to the front of lines.

DisneyWorld is, by the way, a place that will really puzzle the alien archaeologists.

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