The view expressed, especially on the part of many Fundamentalist Christians, that according to the bible, they win in the end when God comes down and calls the game.

This despite the fact that "we" often means "us in this church right here, as opposed to those heathens across the street who use transparencies instead of hymnals, and who are definitely going to hell, praise the Lord", and despite the fact that the end of the whole thing, as described in the bible, is less a case of "Good vs. evil, and evil wins" than "God declares the program run to the end, data collected, chaff separated from wheat, and on to the next thing".

In addition, the purpose as described by the Gospels of Christians being the working toward the salvation of others, in light of the actual minority presented by Christians on the planet, would in a soul-as-point recognition generally mean that the non-saved's had/will win the game in terms of who gets out alive.

This also likely works hand in hand with the concept of predestination, or damn them all and let God sort it out.

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