So we waited in the car while Mike went inside to get a carton and some Doritos. It was cold enough to wear a jacket, but warm enough to have the windows rolled down so I put one sneaker foot out into the cloudy air and let it just hang there.
We all got in the car to go to the convenience hut even though we had no plans to go any place else. We were, as Mike liked to say: Plan free. The complete absence of an agenda. Other than smokes and later, some eats--but Sue knew a guy who worked at Pizza hut and if we got there after lunch we could eat leftover buffet and it was still hot and that might be a plan. If. If Mike would drive there and if Sue hadn't told the guy to f__ off like last week. Things like that happen. Sometimes.
Mike comes back and throws the chips at us and we rip the bag open and assault it- National Geographic style. There is a large amount of scarfing and finger biting. A couple minutes later we are all orange mouthed and gross. Sue says something about being thirsty, but we don't have any more cash and it is too early for pizza. Mike's dad might be at home so we could go there for sodas or at least water.

The hose, I offer, we could drink from the hose.

Mike says something about it being November and too cold for that crap, but he puts the car into reverse and heads down the street. Going somewhere.

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