I am tired, and I know I say this often, but I'm tired. I am tired of the drab and tired of the colorless and tired of the wake-up-drag-your-ass-out-of-bed-do-the-thing-and-shut-up days. And I am tired of you, and you and you. I am tired of all of you, like so many faces, open and trusting and full of promise.

Turn around, please. Go back. Someone take it all back, please, and stuff it. Please.

I am trying to be polite about this, I am trying to be prudent and restrained, I'm too tired of fighting to scream and shout, I am struggling to keep my voice level and my feet balanced. But please, no more of these prototypes.

This will not do. My feet are sore from watching you weave all day. Sore from having to watch your progression down and down. Please, someone?

I have had enough of watching you load those beige monstrosities into the truck. Just once I'd like to see a lime green bolt of cloth. Teach one or two or three about color. Try some different weaves. Please?

I'm tired. I've had enough of this beige.

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