Aside from anything I write here, I'd like to point out that the title of this node happens to be a line from a song called "It's alright" by Adam Cohen.

We wander around in this world, this vast Universe, embracing that which we can, pushing away the things that don't appeal to us, and so on. Life, we live life. We're all looking, searching.. all of us. You're never alone, never, because there is always someone who is feeling the same way as you are.. someone is sobbing uncontrollably hating the things life has thrown at them, someone else is screaming with the utter joy of being, just being.

Sometimes I feel so infintely alone, we all do, I know this, but then I realize that there are billions and billions of people out there. Their brains are pulsing in an obscure unison, thinking different things but always, always thinking something, or absolutely nothing.

Instead of asking what we did to deserve some horrible twist of fate in our lives, perhaps we should be in a state of total awe that we could be anything, anyone, that such a terrible thing could happen to.

I've been drawn in by this thing we call life, I've devoted hours and hours to just being, thinking about being, loving that I am here, and you're all out there..

it's nice to share a Universe with you.

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