The alter ego of Dakeyras, who came into existence after his children and wife were raped and murdered by bandits. This was a harsh blow for the young Dakeyras, one which drove him to become the infamous killer of Drenai legend. He tracked down every one of his family's killers, torturing and killing them. From then on he was known only as Waylander the slayer. He wandered the lands, killing for money and seeking only death, that he may finally join the family that was taken from him. After slaying the King Niallad of Drenai, he was credited with beginning the Ventrian wars and became the most wanted man in the land. Eventually he rectified this foul deed by giving his life so that the Drenai savior may complete his quest for the legendary Armor of Bronze. After narrowly surviving his harrowing mission he weds Danyal, a woman he rescued from bandits, and dissapears from the face of the earth. Little is heard from him again in the public light, with the exception of his mysterious death. A rotting head and the supposed crossbow of the legendary killer are recovered by bounty hunters and placed on display in the Drenai capitol.

-- Sources: Waylander, In the Realm of The Wolf, Hero in the Shadows by David Gemmell.

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