Way out West is the name of the production duo comprising Nick Warren (a well respected dj with numerous releases in the Global underground series amongst others) and Jody Wisternoff.

The music of WOW is a funky brand of progressive house which often includes tribal and breakbeat elements, as well as liberal doses of trance and club music. It is a dynamic combination of ideas and styles which often takes an unexpected turn right when you think you know what's coming, and it's damn cool.

The music of Way out West can be found on many DJ compilations, notably John Digweed's Global Underground, Los Angeles and Mark Dynamix' Ministry of sound 2002 mix.

I have included a selected discography from the website http://www.burntblue.com. If you know of other releases, please /msg me and I will put them here.

Selected discography:
  • Way Out West ‘Ajare/Montana’ (Deconstruction 12)
  • Way Out West ‘Domination’ (Deconstruction 12)
  • Way Out West ‘The Gift’ (Deconstruction 12)
  • Way Out West ‘Blue LP’ (Deconstruction LP)
  • Way Out West ‘Shoot’ (Terra Firma 12)
  • Way Out West ‘Music For Libraries’ (Terra Firma 12)
  • Liquid ‘Sweet Harmony (WOW mix)’ (XL 12)
  • Saint Etienne ‘Angel (WOW mix)’ (Heavenly 12)
  • The Orb ‘Toxygene (WOW mix)’ (Island 12)
  • Roni Size ‘Share The Fall (WOW mix)’ (Mercury 12)
  • Faithless ‘Salva Mea (WOW mix)’ (Cheeky 12)
  • 'Mindcircus' (Distrinctive Breaks)
  • Subliminal Cuts ‘Le Voie Le Soleil (WOW mix)’ (XL 12)
  • Paul Van Dyk ‘For An Angel (WOW mix)’ (Deviant 12)
  • Orbital ‘Nothing Left (WOW mix)’ (London 12)
  • Various ‘Global Underground: Prague’ (Boxed LP)
  • Various ‘Global Underground: Budapest’ (Boxed LP)
  • Various ‘Global Underground: Brazil’ (Boxed LP)
  • Various ‘Back To Mine: Nick Warren’ (DMC LP)
  • Way out West 'Intensify' (Distinctive Breaks - full length album)

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