There are few things better in life than watching a sunrise. Especially after 12 hours of coding. The purple skies, the fresh light across the rooftops, blurred by a light drizzle.

It's just one of those things that makes life worth living.

When the sun rises, it is actually possible to see most of the colors of the rainbow on the horizon. Even the faint tinge of green shows up. The only color missing is purple; it was there already, it just left early. Blue too but we all know where the blue is.

Red, pink and yellow. For some reason these are the colors chosen to race each other across the sky in the clouds. Sometimes there are no clouds, and they don’t race. But when they do it’s always the same.

Red always wins with yellow in last place. It seems slightly unfair really. Imagine being chosen to be the loser for all eternity where everyone can see you. Every once in a while I start thinking that the sun is yellow just to compensate for the losing. But the colors, winners, losers and the in between all fade out to whatever color the cloud is.

The best sunrise I ever saw was in the desert of New Mexico. I know it’s supposed to be common knowledge that pollution makes a sunrise and a sunset more beautiful but bullshit. It is my opinion that those beliefs are worth less then outhouse wallpaper. Pollution and dust in the air cause both sunrises and sunsets to appear faded. The colors faint watercolors could catch. Nothing I have seen can replicate the desert sunrise. Nothing is bright enough, or REAL enough. That is why am so very happy I took 40 plus pictures of the sunrise as it was happening. The pictures are on my I-pod now and because of the wheel it is easy to scroll through the pictures and see the sunrise again and again. It is my very own sunrise.

Just as a bonus it was a windy day so I can see the clouds move across the sky.

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