Yeah, it may not be the most fun or interesting thing to do, but when it's a happy sunny day and you can barely see through all the ickyness on your windshield, then it has to be done. Now, while cleaning your windshield may seem like a simple task, it actually takes some time to perfect ( 30 seconds, give or take).

Before you start, you're going to need a few supplies. The first thing you'll need is some window cleaner. Make sure to get a cleaner that contains ammonia and alcohol, as this will make your job much easier. Removing fingerprints with a cleaner that doesn't have ammonia or alcohol can make this whole process a pain in the ass.

Some words of caution: if you have tinted windows, be sure NOT to get a cleaner with ammonia or alcohol, as there is chance that it could "bubble" the tint. Also, concerning alcohol, be sure not to use the type that you buy from a liquor store, as dousing your car window with vodka is probably a bad idea. Though, it could be a good excuse for you DWIers

Now that you have yourself some cleaner, grab a couple of towels. Once you have the towels, you're ready to wash some windows, baby! Excited yet? Oh yea.

Now, depending on how dirty the window is, spray a light (if somewhat clean) or heavy (if really dirty) mist on the entire surface of the window. Make sure you get some in the corners! Now, you'll notice that in each of the four corners of the window, there will be some icky window gunk. Take one of your towels and remove the gunk from each of the corners. After that, you're going to want to remove the dirt from the rest of the window. Take your towel, starting in the upper-left corner, wipe the window in a zig-zag fashion.

Once all the dirt is removed from the window surface, it's time to get those streaks out. Take a clean towel, and starting in the upper-left corner, wipe the window horizontally. Keep moving down the window, doing each part horizontally.

Now you have a spotless, streak-free window. Good for you! Oh, and in case you're wondering, I worked at a car wash for some time, so I unfortunately have a lot of experience in this ever-so-fun activity.

cbustapeck adds: Due to the nature of the plastics inside of a car, it is better to sometimes leave your windows down to keep them cleaner!

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