The Path of the Warrior is not one everyone would find in their interest. Being that as a race of individuals we often aspire not for altriuistic actions, but rather, for those things of self-interest to further our own individual climb. Many pursue this, and more than not, do not even realize their blind actions.

However, they should not be blamed for this. Evolution of millions of generations has dictated that self-preservation is the call that all life harkens itself to. However, a Warrior, not in the sense of the barbarian wielding a sword for a cause he does not understand, aspires for the greater good of his society and of those around himself.

Being a Warrior does not entail violence. In fact a complete and utter pacifist can embody the heart and soul of a Warrior. Mahatma Ghandi was a Warrior. He fought not with bladed weapons, nor with his hands. But the Warrior beat deeply within his soul as he fought with the dangerous weapon of peace. He pushed the greatest empire to its knees with his fight. He aided those around him, at his personal expense, and helped them to attain their own portion of greatness. He imbued within himself the characteristics of a true Warrior. The path of Shambhala.

Heed the call of the Warrior. Look beyond what is in your fingertips and beyond your immediate grasp. Look for that urge within you that calls forth for the emergence of the true Warrior. Then in the throes of your second birth, embrace the new found spirit within you.

Embrace your Warrior.

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