It must be odd to be you.


Distinguished actor. Awards in the UK and Australia. Distinguished Humanist.


Most famous portraying a virulent racist, 33 years of yelling out "coons" and "wogs". The American who played your character never had to call anyone "nigger".


Hearing insult back - "skinhead", "Jew nosed conk".


All of it purely to mock the kind of man you portrayed and embodied but never were.


Left liberal, atheist. Of Jewish descent. The last person to insult someone racially or angrily shout "blashpemious (sic) Scouse git!"


You weren't even a West Ham supporter, you've been Hotspur all your life. But all those pictures in claret and blue.


Still alive, a good long life, seeing your co-star die, seeing the man who wrote the script that made your career die.


Living long enough to see people castigate what you did, seeing nothing more than a man yelling "Jew nosed coon." Living long enough to see shaven headed men who idolized the men you went to Canada to train to fight and would happily kill you for the family's faith you no longer believe in idolizing you thinking you represented the real Britain.


Living long enough to watch society lose the nuance required to understand the brilliance of your life's work.

BrevityQuest 2015

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