Hector Walter Giardino (1960 - ). A very famous Heavy Metal guitar player and composer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. He's one of the most important guitar players in Latin America and in Spain. His main musical influences are:

Most Famous songs

He start officially playing in the year 1980 with Punto Rojo.
Then later, he joined V8 who played with Ricardo Iorio one of the most famous Argentinian Heavy Metal player.
In the same year, he joined Rata Blanca, his most popular band. After lots of changes in the band style (first Clasic Heavy Metal, later Trash Metal and in the end Pop) the group disolved in 1998.
So, he decided to start a musical project called Walter Giardino Temple. The project succeed and its nowadays on of the best LP of Latin America Heavy Metal.
Corte Porteño video was shot which is consider the greatest video of Walter Giardino (Rata Blanca videos are really bad, they have old fashioned effects).
While he was making concerts in Colombia and Venezuela, Adrian Barilari (Rata Blanca first voice) visited him. Walter decided to try him in his project and it showed he was really prepared.
So Walter finally decided to abandon his project in order to rebirth Rata Blanca which is playing nowadays. But, his style has changed a lot, now is more like Blues but with some Heavy Metal elemets. For example, Volviendo a Casa (Back Home) his new hit, is like a soft song and Los Ojos del Dragon (The Eyes of the Dragon) is like the old Rata Blancastyle.
Although, he changed a lot you can find his incredible guitar solos in all his LP.


  • http://www.rataweb.com.ar

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