Walnut also happens to be the name of a small city in southern California. Not to be confused with Walnut Creek, a small city in northern California, Walnut is a fairly quiet bedroom community consisting of mostly middle class families. Expect to see lots of trees, freshly mowed lawns, and expensive "personalized" tract homes.

The City of Walnut's website (http://ci.walnut.ca.us) lists the following demographic facts:

City Business
Incorporated: Jan 19, 1959
Square miles: 8.9
# of city parks: 11
City employees: 41 full-time, 7 part-time
2000-01 Operating Budget: $12,477,190

Population: 32,354
Households: 7,869
Average household size: 4
Median age: 32

Money And Work
Median household income: $86,400
Median home value: $328,700
Employed(16 and older): 15,587
Percentage of women employed: 68%
Percentage of men employed: 85%
Self-employed: 1,194.

Retail Stores
Number of stores: 119
Number of employees: 704
Annual sales: $97 million

Ethnic Breakdown
44% Asian
23% White
20% Hispanic
13% Black and "other"

Walnut boasts a fairly decent public school system and one community college, Mt. San Antonio College (referred to affectionately by the local kids as "Harvard on the Hill"). Aside from that, though, it's just your typical suburb.

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