Wallaby Ted's brother is of course, the famous Roo Ted, known across Australia and now, thanks to E2, the world!

Aussie slang for feeling, or looking completely stuffed, dead tired, something the cat dragged in, you know, a Monday morning at work after a weekend of all night coding binges.

Mainly used in polite company and places in which swearing is not acceptable behaviour, like the beer garden down at the pub when the billy lids are running round.

Some Examples;

  1. Geeze mate, I don't mind tellin yah, I felt just a bit like Wallaby Ted's brother this morning. Something tells me 12 schooners before bed is not a good thing, but hey, what a great footy match eh?
  2. Fark!, after a full day of playing paintball with you fiends, I feel just like Wallaby Ted's brother, same time next week, right?
  3. You see Thommo yesty mate? Yeah, he looked like Wallaby Ted's brother. Poor bastard, aparently his missus conned him into looking after the new baby during the night when it wakes up.

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