Another one of those Ragtime Animal Dances

The Wallaby Jump is a One Step variation that goes step-hop-hop-hop step-hop-hop-hop; which is to say, you spend all four beats of each measure on the same foot.

All of your One Step variations work with the Wallaby Jump. A new variation that becomes possible is a turn, much like a waltz. With the leader facing out of the hall, both step with their first foot in line of direction. Rotate 180o during the three hops. On the next step, the leader should be facing towards the center of the hall, and both step with their second foot in line of direction, and again rotate 180o during the three hops. Repeat if desired.

While hopping, both legs should be straight, and the body should be bent so that it makes a straight line with the leg that's in the air. That foot should be roughly six to eighteen inches above the floor, with the toe pointed, of course.

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