Ella Fitzgerald with Chick Webb and his Orchestra performed this song in the 30s and recorded it on the Decca Record Company label in 1938. Oscar Levant wrote the music and Stanley Adams wrote the lyrics. One of the many jazz songs promoting drugs performed by Ella. Lyrics transcribed by me.

This song is undoubtibly about cocaine, or wacky dust.

They call it wacky dust
It's from a hot cornet
It gives your feet a feeling so breezy
And oh, it's so easy to get

They call it wacky dust
It brings the dancing jazz
And when it starts
Then only a sap will refuse to
Big Apple or Shag

Though I don't know just why it gets you so high
Putting a buzz in your heart
You'll do a marathon, you'll want to go on
Kickin' the ceiling apart

They call it wacky dust
It's something you can't trust
And in the end, the rhythm will stop
When it does then you'll drop
From happy, wacky dust

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