A fat, bald, bespectacled, besuited, squat, martini drinking, cigar smoking putz. Let me rephrase that. He's not exactly bald. He has a fringe of hair which is rather odd looking. It looks like someone took a fat bald man and took a pair of boob cones and slapped one on each side of his head.

He's the archtypical CEO of Bloom County, Inc. He is constantly at odds with his employees due to his pro-management, anti-labor policies. Those policies have been the cause of at least two strikes led by the talent of Bloom County, including one walk-out where not even the giant purple snorklewacker stayed in the anxiety closet. However, Steve Dallas has been known to cross the picket line and return to the strip for work.

Among his better known shenanigans, along with shilling Bloom County merchandise, he's had a bounty placed on his head by Mary Kay Cosmetics when the comic strip depicted the make-up giant in a series of atrocities against nature. The Bloom Picayune covered this story with the headline: Mary Kay calls for Thornhump's buns on a Platter.

Eventually the stress of the job got to be too much for Thornhump, and he sold the comic strip to Donald Trump, who replaced all the characters immediately, leading the comic strip to an untimely demise almost instantly.

He didn't have an especially large roll in the comic strip, appearing several times in the role of the Evil Corporate CEO, who decried the cast's labor union, by equating them with Commies, and hemorrhoids.

His current whereabouts are unknown.

Disclaimer: The events described above mentioning Mary Kay and Donald Trump were not actual events, but rather storylines thought up by the comic stripper Berke Breathed.

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