Power, Voltage and Resistance

Power, measured in watts, can be calculated from the equation P=VI, or power=voltage times Amps (measures the current, full name Amperes, represented with an I in equations). If we use this relationship, along with V=I² R (see bellow), we can get:

P= V²/R

Voltage, measured in volts, represented by a v in equations, can be determined in the equation V²=PR

Resistance, measured in ohms, represented as a unit by the Greek symbol Omega and by an R in equations. Resistance is, surprisingly, the level of resistance of an object, meaning the resistance electricity faces when conducted through the object.
Using the following calculation, we can calculate resistance; R=P²/I

The following equations can also be used to determine the above:

P=I²R (Peter Is a Square Eyed Rabbit)

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