The Vinyl Cafe is the name of a radio program that airs on CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) Radio One on Saturdays at 10:05 AM and Sundays at 12:05 PM.

The host, Stuart MacLean, tells heart warming - and usually funny - short stories about his two protagonists's (Dave and Morley) family life and related (mis)adventures. Dave owns and operates a record store called the Viny Cafe, and Maclean interweaves his stories with a variety of music, from olden goldies to jazzy creations to seasonal favorites.

MacLean recounts his stories in such a way that you come to know his characters as if they were real people - the mark of a great storyteller. One of his classic stories is 'Dave cooks a turkey', which can be found on the 'Christmas Concert' CD. Lots of laughs.

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