A view, or a look?

A child, too young to know. An alligator on his shirt, is it a mark of status, or a dinosaur, as he pretends? A child, too young to know. His father, old and jaded, using his connections for a ride in a blimp. Or is it a dirigible? A zeppelin. He is too jaded to care. The child wonders to himself, what he can see from the blimp. Can he see dinosaurs? Perhaps they are hiding over the next hill. A blimp ride might be wasted on such a child, who still thinks the moon is following him, in the rides in the car. Does he understand the magic of flight?

Is the moon following you?

What would it be like if the moon was following you? What strange aliens pilot it, deep inside its chambers, green light staining their face, like coffee stains the teeth of earth engineers. Do they ever think of themselves as "earth engineers"? Imagine those pilot aliens, following your car as a youngster. What do they think of the blimp?

The child ascends

Who understands the principle of a hot air balloon? Why does Helium rise? Is it a noble gas in deed, or merely in name? Does the old man, only half looking at his son, and half worrying about profit? Do the aliens, tracking the blimp, with coffee stained teeth, know what profit is? Does profit exist in their culture? Does the young boy, scanning the ground for the dinosaurs, wondering what trees they are behind?. Does anyone need to understand the principle of helium, or the principle of profit. Or is a moment of wonder enough?

Where are the dinosaurs, Mrs. Robinson

Where are they now? Did the moon chase them, chase them into some dark hole? Or perhaps, did the dinosaurs chase the moon away? Do the aliens know? Does the old man, worrying about futures, but not about the future? Does the young boy, his bright eyes flashing, at an imagined sparkle, a dimetrodon on the prowl? Do the aliens, scrunched up with green light streaming? Are they all alone, even while watching each other? Who knows. Maybe it was them, the dinosaurs, who once viewed this. Perhaps they still do. Did the dinosaurs have blimps of their own? Did they?

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