The first obstacle was my noisy eating. I *died* too many times to count trying to get past that challenge.

I learned, I passed that obstacle, then the next, and the next. I didn't even realize that I was playing the game at first. She was so good. She knew how to make the challenges difficult, yet passable with enough effort. Not too tough - keep me playing the game, but getting more difficult each time. What is the object? The goal? To get to the next level - whatever that is.

Eventually, the relationship is nothing but the game. Learn from my mistakes, keep moving forward. Damn! Reading e-mail when I'm talking to her on the phone! How can I be so stupid? I learned how to pass that back in Level 3!!!

How many levels does this game have?! How many obstacles are there? Fuck it - this game is boring. I'm going to start slamming into these obstacles!!!

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