A professional wrestling move.

The VerteBreaker is a signature move of Shane Helms, also known today as The Hurricane. This move is one of those drop-on-your-head moves that could probably kill if both the performer and the victim aren't well trained athletes. It is one of the most awesomest moves to watch that doesn't involve flying through the air or bouncing off the ropes.

To perform a VerteBreaker:

  • Get behind your opponent while hooking one of his arms from above.
  • Get your head down, and contact your back with the opponent's back, while hooking his other arm.
  • Stand up while lifting the opponent using the hooked arms and friction on the back. You are now back to back, with the opponent's head facing down and away from your ass. His legs are slightly bent in the direction you are facing. Your opponent is in a world of trouble.
  • Sit down forcefully. This drives your opponents skull into the floor/ring. Because your opponent is a trained professional wrestler, he took most of the impact on his shoulders. Or he's dead.

This is one of those moves you definitely don't want to do in your backyard, unless you are looking to kill or paralyze someone. Shane Helms has a couple of videos of the VerteBreaker in action on his webpage at www.shanehelms.com

Apparently, this move (and many other brutal moves) originated in Japanese women's professional wrestling.

In a recent interview, The Hurricane (Shane Helms) stated that the WWE has banned the use of the VerteBreaker... Which is understandable, with all the recent neck injuries in the business lately...

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